Machine Learning with Swift Workshop on Sailboat

SWIFT and Sailing. 2019, May 26-June 9.

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Enjoy a unique experience

Become familiar with Machine Learning for iOS/macOS/tvOS/watchOS, in beautiful environment of Aegean sea on the sailboat.

We will sail around Sporades islands and work hard on various Machine Learning topics. Your Swift trainer will be your skipper at the same time.

24 x 7 of sea, sun, Swift, Machine Learning, swimming and great company.

Time: 2019, May 26-June 9.

Place: Greece, North Sporades islands, Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos


We start from Skiathos. Attendees follow scheduled lectures, after breakfast, mostly until the noon. Then, we raise sails and travel to near islands and beaches, swim, have a great time on a boat, write code, discuss machine learning topics and do other things we enjoy. Early afternoon, our battler serves lunch. In the evening we tide our sailboat in marina on put the anchor down to the water. We will visit few nice restaurants on islands for diner.

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