Color Grading with DaVinci Resolve Studio

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Course Description

Šifra: #ColorGrading DaVinci Resolve 18-A1
Obuka: 2 Dana | 12 Časova

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Introduction to Resolve

  • A complete demo of the system, looking at every area of the new software and how it works with the control surface.

Setting up your Resolve

  • Loading the software and getting started

  • How to create a new customised user, and getting all the config settings correct before you kick off

  • 2K

  • HD

  • What if you only need SD?

How to get your images into Resolve

  • Importing and conforming both film and digital material using an EDL/XML/AAF The scene cut detector and manually creating a timeline.

Basic Color Theory

  • Looking at the waveform, vectorscope, and histogram

  • How different Colours interact with increased saturation/contrast and why some colours complement each other more than others

  • RGB v YUV correction in Resolve.

Primary Correction/Grading with Curves

  • Primary correction is very important. It’s the base of any “cool look”. Get it right and it will simplify your whole color correction process.

Serial and Parallel nodes

  • You’ll use them all the time, how do they work and when do you use each one.

Secondary Correction

  • Keying is a very important part of what we do as colourists

  • Learn how to key in Resolve using either HSL RGB or LUM

  • Learn if it’s best to key a colour or adjust its Secondary curve.

Power Windows

  • Each node has 4 Power Windows, the classic DaVinci Circle, Linear square, Polygon and a Bezier Power Curve

  • Learn how to use each one, and why we decide to use one over the other

  • Repositioning

  • Key-Framing and Auto Tracking


  • Using the Resolve tracker, to lock a window onto a subject both manually and automatically.


  • Using the pan, tilt, zoom and rotate controls, learn just how far you can zoom in on a film or digital image

  • Key-framing in the timeline, manually and automatically.

Versions and the gallery/Powergrade.

  • Versions, setting up the gallery including importing and exporting stills.

  • Making your own Powergrade looks.

Rendering and Output Options

  • The grade is finished but how and where do you render it to?

  • Playing out to tape.

Resolve workflows

  • Film, Red, Canon, Arri Alexa, Sony F3 and other digital formats.

  • Resolve works with lots of formats, get to know the pros and cons of each one.

Looks and Styles

  • How to create looks and styles within Resolve that will give you a great start to your session.

  • You will look at a couple from the following…. Orange and Teal. Cross process Bleach Bypass “Schindlers” red coat, Duotones Day for night.

Layer and Key mixer nodes.

  • Nodes offer lots of flexibility.

  • See how to combine them with the other Resolve nodes to complement our grades.

  • Learn how to mix between the nodes.

Certification Exam at the end of course included